Wednesday, December 3, 2008

FM #21 - WASTED - Part 2

This is Franklin Matters podcast #21. The second of six podcasts to replay the information session on underage drinking. The session was organized by the group W.A.S.T."E".D and held at Franklin High School Tuesday December 2, 2008.

Bill Phillips, Director of New Beginnings tells his part of the story in this segment.

Time: 24 minutes, 46 seconds

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Session Notes

This podcast for Franklin Matters continues the special production capturing the information session on underage drinking sponsored by WASTED and held at Franklin High School Tuesday evening, Dec 2.

If you were unable to attend, this series of podcasts will enable you to listen to the presentations and discussion that took place.

In the first part, we listened as FHS Principal Pam Gould introduces the problem, the formation of the WASTED group and outlined the presentations for the evening including the presentation by students from Marushka Waters’ class.

In this second part, we’ll listen to Principal Gould as she introduces William (Bill) Phillips, Director of New Beginnings. A comprehensive wellness education program.

Bill talks about his background and experience as a counselor for underage drinking and substance abuse.

Listen carefully!

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This podcast has been a public service provided to my fellow citizens of Franklin, MA

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