Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Live reporting - Town Admin, and closing comments

Jeff read the listing of the sponsors of the recent Earth Day, huge success
remind folks to pick up litter as you go to help keep the town clean

May 17th, HMEA 5K roadrace

Update of fiscal policies in councilor packets

Beautification Day - May 16th 8:00 AM at the bridge

FINCOM did finish their budget hearings on Tuesday
Not sure if we will make the schedule that we have set thus far
Budget as proposed eliminates 11 municipal jobs, only 1.25 people will actually be laid off due to other changes
School Committee budget hearing on May 26th

Vallee - listing of street resurfacing?
Nutting - had to re-bid the hot-top so that should be coming, within the next 30 days we should be ready

Vallee - What is status of Walgreens?
Nutting - we should be ready to close on June 30th

Bartlett - get the listing of street out on the web site so the residents can see
Nutting - yes

McGann - how do we arrive at the street listing?
Nutting - anytime there is a water line, we do the paving the next year. we have a master listing of streets, part art and part science. We do have a huge listing of work that needs to be done. We don't appropriate any money for road improvements.

Vallee - After listening to the Financial Planning Committee, Milford operating under Chapter 121a
Nutting - this is similar to the TIF which we do provide

Nutting - part of it is zoning, big box stores are not allowed, from a tax structure, we have a very low rate. We have given out TIF's with your approval. We are trying to get folks here to fill our warehouses.

Vallee - we should be more proactive in trying to create jobs
Nutting - we are about to begin to update the master plan to look at those issues, rezoning from residential to commercial is not easy

Vallee - I'd like to request that the Planning Dept do the research on Chap 121a
Taberner - we should look at more rezaoning, we have to do it for the greater good


Whalen - would like to take this time to comment on the stand off between the teachers and the School Committee. Addressing teachers directly. 7 unions made the concession for the Town to avoid layoffs.

Mason - echoes Whalen's comments and wishes a speedy resolution to the issue

Zollo - I find it hard to believe that the majority of the teachers are actually supporting their leadership.

McGann - I too believe it is not the whole union that represented, it is a small group, they are very selfish and one sided. It is only a handful.

Congratulations to Mr Fahey for his work in the veterans area.

Doak - I would like to endorse Councilor Whalen's eloquent comments. I don't claim to know all the details. If these concessions don't go through, we will lose more teachers and that is not good.

Pfeffer - I would like to see the art of compromise

Feeley - I find it difficult to believe that the whole number of teachers are behind this. The School Committee conceded the three items for the one year (Editor note: This is not correct, the School Committee conceded only 2 of the 3 items) this shows an attempt to reach an agreement.

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