Friday, May 8, 2009

Quick clarification

The prior posting on "We have no one to fault but ourselves" was meant as a call to action for the 80% of the Franklin voters who did not cast their ballot in November 2007.

While there may be differences in views on this item or that, I have great respect for all our elected officials, especially those on the Town Council, School Committee, Finance Committee, and the other elected committees that contribute to this town.

They give much of their time to perform their duties on our behalf.

Contrary to what some apparently believe, they do not get paid for what they do. It is a volunteer effort and public service initiative much like my own efforts here.

  • To the 1 in 10 Franklin voters who cast your ballot in November 2007, reach out to your neighbors at any opportunity you have, gently remind them of their civic duty.

  • To the 9 in 10 Franklin voters who did not cast your ballot in November 2007, please, please get involved. Take a step forward. Attend a meeting. Be informed. Cast your ballot when the next election rolls around.

Franklin will be a better place with all involved.

If you don't think you should be involved, stop me around town some time. You should be able recognize me by now. I'd like to find out why.

  • Finally, to all Franklin resident that are eligible to vote but have not yet registered, please consider doing so. The Town Clerk's office is open with convenient hours Monday-Friday. It is a quick and easy transaction.

PS - My thanks to Town Council Chairperson Chris Feeley for taking the time to provide feedback on the prior posting and to enable this clarification.

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