Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Live reporting - presentations: legal update

b. Legal Update
  • Paige Tobin
Q - Roy - how did you come up with some of the suggestions on cyber bullying? Why these recommendations?

A - Cyber bullying has become a big concern, an increase in harassment amongst students. Schools are including cyber bullying in with harassment to allow the schools to handle them. The case law is fairly grey, it is still evolving.

Q - Can you give a sense of some of the type of incidents that you have seen?

A - Several instances of one student texting photos to other students. Student setting up a false Facebook account. Thes ethings are happening outside of school but it comes back into the school as that is where the folks are talking about it.

Q - Electronic communications was one where I had the most concern. The line "staff teachers, coaches shall not respond to text messages from students". I was uncomfortable with something that potentially we would be in violation of. Social media is happening, how can we move that way appropriately and not prohibit it.

A - Inappropriate conduct starts with friending on Facebook.

Q - We need to figure out a way

A - if the teacher is acting as an agent of the school, it could be view by law as such, but the site is not under control of the district. I would be concerned with the boundary violations. Could have a retention issue with student/teacher communications.

Great discussion - will add the recording of this later as this is not being resolved tonight but will continue to be worked out over time.

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