Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Live reporting - Superintendents report

5. Information Matters
Superintendent’s Report
  1. Dean College Partnership - covered earlier
  2. District Improvement Plan - covered earlier
  3. Personnel - new personnel orientations starting tomorrow
  4. District calendar - looked at the overall district time lines, others will be filled in as the year progresses
  5. Coordinated Program Review - meeting on Sep 10th to begin the orientation of the State review. More details will be available at that time, it will consume us for the next six months
  6. Annual Town Report - completed and submitted
Q - Where do we stand on hiring?
A - we are awaiting our last acceptance of one teacher that we are hoping they will show up for orientation

Q - These are teachers that are new to the district
A - Yes, they are recalls, or backfills, we have had more turn over than we thought we would. I also heard of one more retirement today but have not seen the paperwork for that yet.

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