Tuesday, August 25, 2009

live reporting - budget transfers, School Business Administrator review

Budget transfer
One question on budget transfers, the $7K was for the purchase of software to eventually move to a paperless check process for all the school employees. The purchase has been made, training is scheduled for later in September.

School Business Administrator review
Miriam has been here for a year now and has done an excellent job. The automation in place and on the planning cycle.

161 parents have registered 171 students and have deposited 10,170 dollars for student lunches in the first 2 days of operation.

Armenio - to reiterate what Sue had said earlier. You have brought much needed credibility back to the schools.

Roy - you have been great in answer questions, if you don't know, you says so and then get the answer. I hear from others within the Town Hall of your good work. Thank you for that on behalf of the community.

Sabolinski - She was here 10 days and she presented the budget to the Town Council. She had such a command of the budget, it was amazing.

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