Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Live reporting - District Improvement Plan

c. District Improvement Plan
  • Maureen Sabolinski
  • Sally Winslow
  • Michele Kingsland-Smith
Now that the Strategic Plan was approved at the Aug 11th meeting, this is the next level of detail, the District Improvement Plan (DIP). referred lovingly too as the DIP Team.

Left to Right in the photo are Maureen Sabolinski, Michele Kingsland-Smith and Sally Winslow.

The current plan as reviewed during the meeting is attached:

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The plan this year was developed with the Strategic Plan in mind. Next year, there will be a formal team effort reflecting input from across the district to develop the update for this plan.

The Annual Yearly Performance (AYP) is increasing.

Student learning objectives are outlined to monitor the achievement.

Reading specialists worked to identify data points for students at specific levels across the district.

Looking at a Colorado growth model that will provide some data on the cohort growth rather than just data points from the test scores.

Based upon a look at the predictive data piloted with the State, the data helped to drive some staffing decisions.

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