Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Live reporting - Presentations (School Improvement Plans)

2. Guests/Presentations

a. School Improvement Plans (SIP)
  • Horace Mann Middle School – Dr. Anne Bergen
Open response writing showing good results.

Video taped an interview with high performing students, cooperative learning doesn't always work for them, pay attention to them, they have a right to learn something new every day

28% of the student lacking in the basic fundamentals, added some focus to this and got great results (with pre- and post-test results)

Action plans
  1. Wide reading to develop background knowledge
  2. Writing goal
  3. Math goal
  4. School enrichment model
Additional text from the detailed SIP will be added later

The kids feedback was to do more pre-testing, if they already know it, let's move on to something else.

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