Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Live reporting - Administrator, Councilor comments, closing

Fire Dept Halloween Fest coming

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Councilor Comments
Zollo - commends the three of the departing members for their service
The election coming up could be one of the most important one for Franklin. Encourages everyone to study the issues, the candidates and their positions, and cast your ballot for those who would best represent your views on the council.

McGann - commends the three departing along with Zollo
I have been asked "Joe why I have you missed so many meetings." I have some personal issues. I have had some financial issues. I have lost family members recently and am about to lose two more within a few days."

Doak - thanks for the nice and personal thanks for what he had been able to contribute. It is hard to believe it has been six years on the Council. It has been a pleasure to serve. I want to acknowledge Carlo Geromini for his help. The Council has been relatively boring. We have had some humor from Councilor McGann from time to time. We have had quite a few improvements and established some credibility, including the first ever override that was passed. Jeff thanks for your help.
  • Have to be patient, can't solve them all at once.
  • Listen to the people around you.
  • Keep things going, if you can leave things a little better than when you arrived you did a good thing.
Pfeffer -
1 - Two trees at corner of Cottage were taken down
2 - The plants taken in front of the new Walgreens, were those saved, are they coming back?

Whalen - Encourage community service, it is a learning experience and rewarding. It feels like the turnout might be extremely light. I would encourage a turnout.

Mason - I share the sentiments that have already been spoken. Chris and I have been friends since we were six. Thanks to Deb and Tom for working together and being friends.

Vallee - I echo the others sentiments.

Bartlett - Your community is what you make of it. It can be at whatever level you can do, there are a million different ways. There are going to be tough times where people will need to come together. It has been an honor to work for this Town. It has been a privilege.

Feeley - I would like to thank you.  While I am not running for re-election this year, this is not to say that I won't run again.

The three leaving the Town Council posed for a photo: (left to right) Deb Bartlett, Chris Feeley, and Tom Doak.


My thanks to them their service to Franklin. I hope they thoroughly enjoy their new "free" time.

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