Wednesday, October 21, 2009

live reporting - legislation

1.  Resolution 09-67: Acceptance of Covenant-Lakeview Terrace
motion to approve - passed 9-0

2.  Resolution 09-68: Acceptance of Gift – Franklin Senior Center
motion to approve - passed 9-0 

If I heard this correctly, in a time of uncertain revenues, a self-imposed hiring freeze at the Municipal Bldg for Town employees, and facing some undefined reduction in State revenue fort this current year which depending upon the amount could result in further cuts in service or personnel, the Town Council just authorized a part-time hiring based upon a donation (which may or may not be sustaining).

It may be for a good cause (i.e supposedly a cook at the Senior Center) but this is indeed puzzling.

This would be a good question to ask of the candidates on Monday evening at the Town Council Debate.

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