Thursday, October 22, 2009

In the News - and then there were 12

From the Town Council meeting Wednesday evening, one of the key items was the withdrawal of Bryce Kuchs from the race for council. Due to increased work responsibilities, he would be unable to fulfill the time requirements for serving on the Town Council. He let it be known that if elected, he would not be able to serve.

He is not actively campaigning for the election. His name remains on the ballot. The deadline to withdrawn from the election and ballot was earlier this month. The ballots are printed and ready to go. Absentee ballots are already available.

The second key item is the two individual who choose to abstain on the vote to endorse the Financial Planning Committee report. Pfeffer and Vallee are part of the current council who chartered the committee to prepare the report. They know (or should know) more about the contents of the report than those who may be new to the Council after the election Nov 3rd. If they can't make a decision to say that these numbers are correct, then there is something wrong with their logic. The incoming council members would have less a chance to know as much as they currently do. At worse, it would take precious time to get up to speed. Time that could be better spent taking action to avoid the financial problems facing Franklin.

Franklin council endorses long-range fiscal plan

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If you click through to read the article online, you'll notice a familiar picture. I did provide and authorize the use of the photos I took at the Council meeting last night.

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