Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Live reporting - Literacy update

c. Literacy Update – Michele Kingsland-Smith

The presentation used:

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The amount of time kids are spending reading has increased 100%. I have no doubt about it.

There is always a connection between the reading and what they learned. The consultants are working on building a collegial learning environment so that the entire building feels comfortable.

Last year all teachers reached the "launch" training.
This year 4 and 5th will be working on learning how to do the "Group Reading Assessment and Evaluation (GRADE)" process.

"Key Three" strategies are being implemented throughout the middle school classrooms.

Grade 6 teachers will also pilot GRADE (as outlined above).

The "managing complex change" slide is most interesting. It can be used to understand other changes.

Some technical difficulty in trying to present a movie from a DVD. Choice Literacy, a national program, made a DVD using the Franklin program and personnel.

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