Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Live reporting - FHS building update

2. Guests/Presentations

a. FHS Building Update – Tom Mercer
Process much different now from last one completed (the Horace Mann project)

Right now at the stage for the feasibility study for the building and grounds. Now on the listing for projects approved for a feasibility study.

First step in this is to hire an OPM. An Owners Project Manager is hired by Franklin. The OPM has to e qualified and certified by the State.

The Request for Services (RFS) was just submitted last week. It had been a revision cycle with the State going back and forth to come to an agreement on the language being used in the document.

Franklin has used OPM's previously for the Senior Center, Fire Station and other projects.

The RFS proposals are due about the end of October, they need to be reviewed, decision made, in conjunction with the State. Likely to have the OPM in place in January when all is said and done.

Once the OPM is completed, another RFS is to be negotiated and submitted to obtain an architect. The architect will then prepare a schematic design. The conceptual design would arrive at the feasibility concept. The design would be submitted to the State which would then review it and detail what they would cover and what they would not cover. If the State does not cover an item, but it is needed, then it would be up to the Town to fund that part of the project at 100%. The State reimbursement rate for the covered items would range from 30-45%. We won't know for sometime where we fall in that range.

To get through the schematic design the Town has authorized a $1 million bond. This is different from prior projects but also a result of the State changes. We may not need to spend the whole amount but we need to front the project funding.

Once the final determination is made on the cost of the project, the Town has 120 days to determine if it approves funding the project. The funding would come from a combination of sources, the primary being a debt override.

After the funding is complete, the OPM and architect would be retained for another period to complete the detailed project determining the final details, including color of the materials. The bids for material would be put out for vendors to submit their proposals to supply the materials.

We thought we would have the RFS out on the street about 3 weeks ago and it is just going out now. OPM on board in January, architect in April, schematic design could be done in the fall. Could go to the voters either in the Fall of 2010 or Spring of 2011.

6-8 months process for the architect to draw the final plans. Hopefully to begin doing some construction work in the fall of 2011 or spring of 2012.

Q - one thing you didn't mention is that the sales tax revenue at the state level, if it continues to fall short, this time line is still open.
A - The only thing approved at this point is the schematic design process, when it comes time to submit it for approval, we won't know what the amount will be, what amount (at the state level will be available) and where we are in the listing.

Q -  If the money is not there, is it a prioritization?
A - Based upon what they have done, you would not get approved unless there was money to cover.

Q - If there is not enough money at the State, do we just wait?
A - It would be a Town Council decision on funding, I wouldn't want to speak for them. The SBA has seen the building and made recommendations, that is on our favor. There are items that I feel they will not approve but that we will want to continue with.

Q -
A - I think we will have multiple options. I think we can do some of the most interruption during the summer time. Some construction will be done during the school year. This is one of the major parts of the planning phases.

Q - Could we use the drawings done a couple of years ago?
A - We did submit those previously. That is one of the reasons, they sent out their engineers to see the building. We will meed the SBA somewhere in the middle. We really can use them as drawings, they were ideas and reflections of what could be.

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