Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Live reporting - ASMS Book Recycling Program

3. Discussion Only Items

ASMS Book Bins

Memo with proposal:


We, the Parent Communication Council (PCC) of Annie Sullivan Middle School, are seeking approval to retain the “Big Hearted Books”- (BHB) (http://bigheartedbooks.com ) bookdrop which is currently located at the edge of the lower parking lot. “Big Hearted Books” was formerly known as Community Book Drop until their merger this past summer. ASMS PCC has been selective in our choice of fundraisers, in our effort to balance the need for funds to enrich each student’s experience at ASMS, with the demands that each fundraiser would place on individuals and families. We have also tried to seek fundraising opportunities that would encourage students to “think GREEN” as a way to be accountable to their community in which they live. The ASMS PCC would hope that the School Committee will consider the benefits of keeping this book donation box at ASMS, and that if there are specific concerns about its location, that we will be able to find a way to resolve them while still keeping this great resource available for ASMS families.


In the past we have collected print cartridges and cell phones, which had required a lot of time from parent volunteers to return mail items, and profited the PCC anywhere from $150-400 a year. The book drop requires no effort on behalf of a parent volunteer and pays an average of $100 or more per month, which will add up to over $1200 per year. Profit to the PCC is only one of the benefits however, as BHB is also willing to take requests for book titles and authors that would help to enlarge the private in-classroom libraries of the teachers. If any of those items are found at their main sorting center, BHB is willing to donate them to ASMS, free of charge. This is a particular benefit to our younger teachers, as well as to the students. Lastly, having a book recycling drop onsite has had a positive influence in the community at ASMS as the students and families are grateful for the opportunity to recycle their books and to focus on the benefits of reading.


BHB collects unwanted media (books, records, audio cassettes, VHS tapes, CD’s and DVDs) and redistributes them to people who can use them to prevent them from ending up in landfills. The bin is emptied by BHB at different times during the month as they are collecting books from other bins in the area. Collections are donated and weighed and a profit is determined base on 7 ½ cents per pound. The average monthly profit check is just over $100.00. Of all collections made to BHB 85% is given to charities and organizations that are in need, 5% are recycled, and 10% are sold to cover operational expenses. Nothing gets thrown away.


The ASMS PCC understands that the DPW may have concerns about the current location of the box as it is located on the asphalt corner of the lower ASMS parking lot. Big Hearted Books is willing to either relocate the box to a level spot on the grass area, or to shovel out any remaining snow around the box after each storm. Shoveling out boxes is a regular maintenance item that BHB have already had the practice of doing at all of their bins.

Submitted by ASMS PCC: Jennifer Maire, Chair and Erin Long, Treasurer

This can be a good fund raiser. Estimated to be about $1600 revenue for the full year.
It is a win-win situation.

It was a purple box, now it is a white box. "Big Hearted Books"

We are willing to work with any objections that there may be. The company is looking to expand this to other schools.

Q - How long has the company been in business?
A - A couple of months before they started with us and then merged with Big Hearted Books over the summer. The company picks up after hours.

Q - If they go under, what would happen to the bin?
A - It is contractually their bin.

Q - If there is an overage?
A - We can call the company for an immediate pickup.

C - I think it is a great idea.

C - I don't think it is a School Committee issue. It is an operational issue.

C _ I hate to see books tossed. I like the fund raising initiative. The Committee is supportive. We will make an effort to find the policy in question.

It is very hard to go to the right source.

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