Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Live reporting - swim team proposal

b. FHS Swim Team Proposal – Brad Sidwell

Had a sign up interest meeting a couple of weeks ago, 15 girls, 5 boys.

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Positive meeting with YMCA, pool time has been offered for free.
This would not be a full fledged varsity team the first time through.

I think there is a need there. It would grow fast here.

Q - Tom, what would the SBA say to a pool?
A - good question

Q - Where are the other towns doing their teams?
A - Private clubs, and many are in the Hockomock Area Y.

Q - Do you have someone who could be a coach?
A - I have a number of options but I didn't want to go anywhere until I had talked with you.

Q - What would happen next year? We would have kids as part of a pilot and not knowing what next year would be like?

Q - The number piece is important, it looks like you could do this at about 6-7,000 for this?
A - Yes, that is correct.

Q - It is another opportunity for keeping and attracting kids at the high school.
A - Yes, I have heard from a number.

Q - When gymnastics was cut, how much was it costing?
A - It was a different dynamic, the numbers were dropping. The members were going to private gyms and not wanting to give up their time.

Q - When would you need to know?
A - As soon as you can, we would not be officially part of the league this year. That time has passed.

Q - So if we have a decision for next meeting?
A - That would be good.

Note: the $11,000 shown on the doc would be reduced by the pool cost, increased by the number of swimmers (from 12 to 20) and the coach cost would be reduced by about $700 to bring to the toal as discussed about 6,000.

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