Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Live reporting - School Committee Meeting

Attending: Mullen, Roy, Rohrbach, Cafasso, Trahan, Glynn, Douglas
Missing: none

Also present: Ashley Studley, Maureen Sabolinksi, Miriam Goodman, Sally Winslow

Topic 1 - Budget
suggestion to read one of the Strategic Objectives at the beginning of each meeting
suggestion to help the community follow the numbers discussion with a single document referenced at each meeting so we can all stay "on the same page"

Topic 2 - Develop Policy
need one location for policies
Maureen to check on this with T Raposa on a solution
The MASC requires the naming scheme

Topic 3 - Evaluation Process of Superintendent
discussion on strategic plan and timing of updates considering the District and individual School Improvement Plans

(note this is covering the evaluation process itself, the specific evaluation is done separately)

Topic 4 - Modeling Behavior
Do well most of the time but laptops can be a distraction
some laptop usability insights should be provided to help project a professional and consistent appearance
maintain eye contact during presentations
speak into the microphones so your valid comments can be heard properly

Topic 5 - Working with other Boards
varied responses on this one
there was a problem over the consolidation of facilities but things have improved considerably since then
the two approaches to solving the problem that were very different but both had the same cost savings benefits in mind
the relationship with the new Council has gotten off to a good start

Topic 6 - Ambassadors to the Public
School Committee blog getting good traffic, Ed's email listing has grown
Could do more in the way of other forums, hold a public forum to communicate more directly twice a year
level of involvement in the committee has been good, there is a level of accountability for the community

Website issue causing some problems since the upgrade for the Town and the split from the service
move towards self publishing to help address this

members of the community do have the opportunity to participate
there is a difference between the citizens comment and agenda items

issues will attract attendance, raising fees, cutting buses, music, sports, will generate attendance but we don't want to create a crisis for each meeting

if someone has something to say, they can sit down and write a letter, or work a little bit to formulate their thoughts to send an email


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