Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Town Council and School Committee Attendance

I have added and will be updating a spreadsheet to keep track of the attendance records for the Town Council and School Committee as these two groups go forward. Keeping track of the sheet as each meeting occurs will be easier than trying to do a year or more at a time.

The spreadsheet can be found here and in the Important Links section in the middle column. You should be able to view the spreadsheet but not be able to update it (assuming the permissions work out properly).

The spreadsheet has two tabs: one for each group. The tabs are found on the bottom of the spreadsheet.

The coding for attendance will be as follows:
P - Present
A - Absent
L - Late (arriving)
E - Early (to leave)

Yes, an easy mnemonic to see if someone's attendance will pale in comparison to another's. Pun fully intended as the mnemonic.

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