Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Live reporting - School Committee Meeting (part 2)

meeting resume

Recap of prior discussions:
read mission statement at each meeting
leave cell phones in purse or pocket, off
work on website
review strategic plan a couple of times
work collaboratively with other boards
look to self publishing

1 - discussion on use of email
Ed to check with T Raposa on school email addresses, could be a third email address for some members
would provide archiving and retention for official business

pro - if discovery were required, one the system would handle the archiving email, two the email would be separate from personal email
con - would add an additional email for some members, need to explore the client option

2 - new member questions

3 - budget subcommittee
discussion on level service vs. level funding
schedule a specific meeting for discussion on the budget to review ways to bridge the gap

will start general discussions on the budget at Jan 12th
Committee to provide some input to the Administration on what the Committee would like to see
the meeting on January 26th would be the Administration presentation on the first pass of the budget

Sue looking for suggestions on the budget subcommittee

meeting adjourns

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