Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Live reporting - Q&A - Preliminary budget discussion

Glynn - what are ramifications of not going for the NEASC accreditation?
Sabolinski - we will no longer have an external evaluation of our standard educational processes

Glynn - The technologists that we cut hurt our development as a 21st Century
Sabolinski - yes, those folks would help the teachers learn and implement technology into their classrooms

Cafasso - Q on tying the numbers back to the last year budget documents
Goodman - carefully explained the difference in the numbers to tie them together

Trahan - is the wage deferment in these?
Sabolinski - no, that was last year, nothing for this year at this point.

Decision making tree

Rohrbach - I put some thoughts down (handout to be added later)

1 - District wide impact on staff/program reduction
  • number of students affected
  • K-12 continuum - feeder program considerations
2 - Impact to or conflict with the following
  • FPS educational philosophy
  • Educational policy i.e. DESE
  • Financial savings
  • Financial costs i.e. unemployment
  • Grant funding
  • School Committee guidelines i.e class size
  • Space needs
  • Collective bargaining
community priorities

Communities needs to provide some guidelines on how much we can cut and how low we can go

Roy - FY 2006 we spent more in 2 catagories, FY 2007, we only did one category, in FY 2008 we are under in all eleven categories, we expect to be under in FY 2009 numbers. The amazing thing is that we are still a high performing district despite that.

What is a broad definition for core academic areas? Should music and art get equal treatment with the other core subject matters.

It is a balance between the core and the extra-curriculars as we are trying to educate the whole child.

Starting the discussion now gets a better chance to keep to it.

Are these ranked in order of priorities? or are these just a general listing

It would be interesting to see where the principals and administration would come up with their listing and how close it would be to this

I am not a fan of going through a death by 1,000 cuts

If I can live with a program going away, if it is gone it is gone. You need to be able to live with it going away and not coming back.

You can start talking about reductions until you know what the magnitude is?

Possible Saturday working session with Principals to get to hear from them directly

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