Friday, January 29, 2010

Now at your service

Let's face it, you are busy. Time is short.

You may not have time to read all that is posted here.

Yes, there is a whole lot happening and I do post quite a bit.

But you'd still like to keep up with what matters in Franklin.

Now you have two new options.

1 - Franklin Matters Weekly
Once a week, I'll post the summary of what has happened the prior week with a brief look at the week ahead. You can subscribe to this new site via email or RSS Feed or iTunes

Franklin Matters Weekly can be found here:

2 -  Facebook Fan page

Along with this move to the weekly version, I will eventually disable the Facebook group. But no worry, there already is a new fan page - "I believe Franklin, MA Matters" to join or become a "fan" of.

You can search on Facebook for Franklin Matters, follow this link or visit the new Franklin Matters Weekly and find the Facebook widget to take to you the new Facebook page.

What won't change?
The attention to detail in posting here from the Town Council, School Committee, Finance Committee and other important town events will continue.

If you want all the details on all that matters, stay here. You'll still get notification that the weekly summary is ready. You won't miss anything.

But for those who want the shorty and skinny version, Franklin Matters Weekly is now available just for that purpose.

As I close this posting, let me remind you that
  • If you like what I am doing, please tell your neighbors
  • If you don’t like something, please tell me
Thank you for stopping by to read!

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