Monday, January 25, 2010

Live reporting: Special Meeting - budget workshop

Town Council:
Scott Mason, Tina Powderly, Glenn Jones

School Committee:
Bill Glynn, Cindy Douglas, Sue Rohrbach

Finance Committee:
Jim Roche, Linda Huempfner, Pat Goldsmith, Phyllis Meserve, Jaun Rivera, Mark Cataldo, Rebecca Cameron, Craig Maire, Robert Texiera

Town administration
Jeff Nutting, Susan Gagner, Jim Dacey

School Administration
Maureen Sabolinski, Miriam Goodman, Sally Winslow, Beth Fitzmaurice

There is good information in this session. We are hearing from Susan Gagner, Town Comptroller. She is covering the town financial history from 2005 through FY 2010.
  • revenue components
  • property tax
  • state aid
  • local estimated receipts
  • other available funds
Shifting to Jim Dacey, Treasurer/Collector to explain our debt and interest.

Part 2 for this meeting continues here

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