Saturday, January 30, 2010

Budget workshop documents

The documents from the Budget Workshop held on Monday, Jan 25, 2010 can be found stored within a folder on Google Docs. You should be able to view the files and print each individual PDF on your printer should you want a copy for more detailed review.

The files can be found here

Susan Gagner - Overview Page 1

Susan Gagner - Overview Page 2

Susan Gagner - 6 Year Operating Revenue Summary

Susan Gagner - 6 Year State Aid History

Susan Gagner - 6 Year Estimated Local Receipts

Susan Gagner - 6 Year State Assessment History

Susan Gagner - 6 Year Budget Breakdown

Susan Gagner - 6 Year Fixed Cost History

Susan Gagner - School Budget Chapter 70 History

Susan Gagner - Net School Spending - Page 1

Susan Gagner - Net School Spending - Page 2

The files uploaded and available now are from the presentation by Susan Gagner, Franklin Town Comptroller. I will be adding the remaining files as time allows.

I want to share the recording of the presentation and discussion from this workshop and will be releasing sections of the workshop as time permits.

Note: as is was checking the files to ensure that you would be able to view them without a Google Account, I did see an error - "Sorry we are unable to retrieve the document for viewing. Please try again later." I was able to refresh and view the document on the second try.

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