Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Franklin has the most registed voters since 1982!

While the history shows that Franklin has passed only half of the debt exclusions offered to it and only one of the override questions, the numbers also show that Franklin today is different.

Franklin's population as of the end of 2009 had grown over 3,000 since the last debt exclusion in October 2000 and over 600 since the override in 2008.

It is note worthy that the percentage of population which is registered to vote stands at its highest percentage (60.5%).  The lowest percent of the population to register to vote occurred in both 1986 and 1987 at 48.1%. 

History has also shown us that a debt exclusion can pass with as little as 2.4% of the voters turning out to the polls and as many as 52.7%.

On the override side, the only one that passed succeeded with a 47.2% turnout. The override votes that failed did so with as little as 26.4% turning out and as much as 56.4% turning out.

Note: the data of population and registered voters come from the official Franklin records as provided by Town Clerk Debbie Pellegri and covers the years 1982 through 2009.

Note: the chart depicts the population with red/maroon columns, the voters with the light blue columns. Both population and voters columns should be read against the left scale. The right scale shows the percent of voters as of the total population and is depicted in the yellow line.

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