Sunday, April 25, 2010

"working with the very young is often more effective than waiting"

“When you’re 3, your life is hard,” the mother says. “You get angry.” Now the boy is 7 and in the first grade, and the daily battles are over. His mother says she believes her son’s behavior improved in part because he matured, but also because she and the boy’s father learned to respond better when he became upset. “He’s still a sensitive kid, and he still gets mad,” she says. “Now he’ll go, ‘Grrr,’ but he doesn’t slam a door.” Expectations are that he will flourish. And as for the mother, “I understand him better,” she says.
Read the full article in the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine here:

Little kids, big problems

Why early-childhood mental health services make sense.

This effort is aligned with that of the Early Childhood Development Center in the Franklin, MA school system and discussed further as part of the kindergarten program that can be found here:

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