Monday, June 28, 2010

Trash/Recycle Facts: cart ownership

Cart (bins, totters, etc.) ownership

Carts (bins, totters, etc.) are the property of the Franklin DPW and must stay at the delivered destination

Each cart includes a serial number and imbedded RFID tag to identify owner and location. Each resident is responsible for their carts. Make sure all carts stay at the delivered location.

Note: the bar coded serial number for each cart appears in the photo above. The RFID chip is reported to be contained in the handle.

Waste and recycling collection

There will be no changes to your regular collection days. Solid waste will continue to be collected weekly. Recycling will continue to be collected every week, however it will now be collected in a single stream, with paper, cardboard and commingled materials placed in the same container. Sorting of recyclables is no longer necessary!

Contact DPW for any lost, stolen or misplaced carts. A Police report will be filed for missing carts.


Q - Why are the carts identified?
A - The RFID chip is read when each pick up occurs. This can help address timely service issues. This also enables easier billing. If you are going to be away for some time, the tracking can confirm that the trash/recycling were not used for the away period.

This information was found on the Franklin Solid Waste website here (PDF)


and from the multiple Town Council meetings where this was discussed and approved.

The collection of Franklin Matters posts on the new process can be found here:

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