Saturday, July 3, 2010

Franklin, MA: 2010 Midyear Review

Let's take some time to review what matters here in Franklin, MA. July 1 is upon us, celebration of the 4th happens this weekend. Let's take a mid-year look back at what has happened in the past six months and ahead to see what we have for the remainder of the year.

biotech bylaw changes introduced
discussion on snow removal process for sidewalks

School Dept received results of the “fiscal review”
Best Buddies, Town Common Veterans Memorial fund raising recognized
Teenangels presentation

charter revisions reviewed by subcommittee
Downtown Revitalization Project previewed
New trash/recycle process introduced

Budget workshop held on Jan 25th

Finance Committee hears the capital budget
Town Council gets into real discussion on trash/recycle process

More on the trash/recycling process as the vote to reduce the fee and finance the bins occurs

Abatements, etc for seniors
Bio-tech bylaw changes in formal hearing
Audit report for FY 2009 came up basically clean

School Committee got first look at FY 2011 budget
Bully task force formed
Franklin Arts Academy approved quietly
Charter revisions got a formal hearing
The BIG Y proposal came before the Planning Board

Finance Committee was broadcast while the School Committee used the cable broadcast

Parmenter solar project
Capital budget approved

Financial Planning Committee bringing report up to date

Charter changes approved by a 6-2 vote (Jones, Zollo, voted no – Vallee was absent)
Capital budget was approved

Earth day, raised garden beds
Charles River cleanup
BSA Venture Crew work along Mine Brook at the VFW Post on Pond St

Practically all budget all the time from the discussion to put forward an override vote to the ongoing discussions pro/con

VanRoon Chiropractic's proposal for Jordan Road came forward

Finance Committee began their series of budget hearings
Downtown Revitalization Project workshop
Historical Museum opens
EPA Storm water open forum held

Scott Mason sat for a wide ranging interview to review discussion items for the override

The big news as we close the first half of 2010 was the override vote on June 8th. All the posts related to the override can be found here:

I refreshed the split tax versus single tax rate publication I had done in 2009

Town Council formalized the budget in their two hearings on June 9 and 10

The Big Y has been approved, Van Roon Chiropractic has not been approved
The proposal for the Price Chopper gets to start all over again due to a technicality.

The new trash and recycling bins were delivered and the first pickups were scheduled for July 1

Looking ahead

July should get the kinks out of new trash/recycle process
August gets final prep on the school year with less teachers, less buses and maybe some word on the contract negotiations
Road construction on Sahlin Circle, Chestnut St and Wachusett St will be completed
September school opens

also on the calendar but not in a particular month

we should find out about the Charter revisions, are they really going to be on the ballot in November?
Plans for the Downtown Revitalization should get finalized
The annual tax rate setting exercise will be held (likely in Dec)

What else is on our plate?

Did I forget something?

Please feel free to comment and I can add it to the listing.

As I close this session this week, let me remind you that
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If you don’t like something, please tell me


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