Thursday, July 1, 2010

Franklin Schools Advocacy Association

The idea would be to form an organization, the "Franklin Schools Advocacy Association", to advocate for appropriate levels of funding and support for the Franklin school system for the long term.

Goals of the group might include any the following:

1) Obtain a prop 2.5 overide just for the school system

2) Get out the vote

3) Ensure that new school money is spent appropriately on hiring teachers and buying educational materials

4) Watch and report on the town meetings to see where the money goes when it does not go to the school system

5) Visibly and obviously publish and distribute a record of the ongoing votes of town counsellors on funding of town projects (probably its published, but I'm darned if I can find it, and probably nobody looks at it)

6) Create a website for the exclusive use of this association

The activities of the group would be decided by the people attending the meetings. I am proposing to host an exploratory meeting in September. I would set the date after checking with all interested people. I have gathered six names within the first couple of days of posting this. I would like to get 15 names of people who would most likely attend.

I would like people to send me their contact information at

Franklin, MA

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