Thursday, July 1, 2010

Trash/Recycle Facts: recycling

You will also receive a green 65-gallon wheeled cart with a YELLOW TOP for Single Stream recycling in which you may place all of your recyclable materials. Your recycling container shall be placed curbside every week on the same day as your regular trash collection. With the new Single Stream Recycling program you will be able to place ALL of your recyclables neatly into to one container.


After July 1st, you will no longer be able to use your current recycling bin and any materials outside of the recycling cart will not be accepted.

We are providing you with this comprehensive recycling guide in order to help you properly prepare your recyclables and maximize the amount you recycle. This chart also outlines items, which cannot be placed in your recycling cart. Please refer to the calendar and street listing to determine your collection day and week. We will continue to follow the same collection schedule that is in place currently.

This information comes from the Franklin Solid Waste website here (PDF):

and here

The collection of Franklin Matters posts on the new process can be found here:

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