Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fire Dept - Open House - Oct 3

I managed to briefly stop by the Fire Dept Open House this past weekend. It was still early but the folks that were there were having fun.

Kids and families were lined up to take a turn on the hose.

While some folks lined up for a ride on a fire truck, others took time to climb in the platform of the Tower Truck and get this view up the ladder.

Still others checked out the training vehicle. No, it isn't real smoke, although it sure looked like it!

I overheard one young boy asking his father a series of questions about the tires, and the stops, the supports, why? If you have had kids of your own, you would have recognized these questions. The kids are learning and full of interest. They are sponges for information and eager to absorb it all.

They absorb it all when they are interested. Let's keep them interested.

Let's feed the need for information.

 Franklin, MA


  1. We were there, too! Thanks for posting about it.

  2. Michelle, you are most welcome. I recalled that you were going to be there but I guess our paths didn't cross. Maybe next time.