Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Live reporting - Action items

1. Resolution 10-48: Appropriation – DelCarte Open Space Design and Permitting of Repairs to Dam

motion to approve, as amended (taking from Hotel Motel Tax Fund - for open space and recreational improvements) passed 7-1

Vallee - given the state of the economy, I can't support it now, I am open to revisit it later
Pfeffer - the money is being used for something it can, it can not be used for education, we need to keep this property for our children
Whalen - I am torn over this but I think we should
Jones - we dammed if we do, we're dammed if we don't, couldn't help but say that.
Mason - state mandate are two words to increase project cost

2. Resolution 10-60: Acceptance of Deed with Conservation Restriction for Open Space Parcels Located in Franklin for the Preserve At Oak Hill

Land being developed in the old ski area 

motion to approve - passed 7-0, 1 abstained

3. Resolution 10-61: Renewal of the Comcast Cable Television License

the last contract was 7 years ago, after a long and difficult negotiation, we have reached an agreement
I can't say enough about the multiple hours that Bob Dean has put into this
Comcast is paying 4.8% of their fees, Verizon is currently paying 5%

this covers just the cable

The attorney worked on this needs to have his name added to this
motion to approve,  passed 8-0

4. Bylaw Amendment 10-649: Amendment to Sewer System Map, Coutu Street- 2nd Reading
motion to accept, passed 8-0 (via roll call)

5. Bylaw Amendment 10-650: Chapter 168, Vacant Properties: Registration and Maintenance -1st Reading

idea initially from Cerel and Jones, requires registration of vacant buildings
if they don't register, it kicks off the timeline to enforce action
goal is not to fine but to keep the place maintained

Some of these entities will be hard pressed to be found, they are all over the country
We do recognize this as a challenge, at least we can let the Fire Dept know not to rush into a vacant building

I was talking with Wells Fargo about a property in Medfield and they do have to go into maintain it, in the same call, they said there is no bylaw in Franklin so they'd skip right over us, I think it is a good idea to put it on the books

motion to move to second reading, passed 8-0

Franklin, MA

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