Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Live reporting - Closing



Powderly - second the thanks from Jeff for the Economic development summit
I am disappointed in the rejection of the Treasurer/Collector is not going to be appointed
I think that is wrong
the hole is so deep, the cuts will be draconian
6 million can not be solved, it will crush our safety net which are already vulnerable
I think the stakes are devastatingly high, if you voter yesterday, please stay involved

Zollo - Federal and State operating at a deficit, it is unreasonable to expect help from them this time around
I am proud to say I live in Franklin, I am proud of our employees
I don't know of many communities who have continued to cut and still produced!
We don't have choices, we are going to cut across the board and deeply
citizens have spoken multiple times, I am not going to fight that

Kelly thanks for those who participated in the economic summit

Jones - I was out of the country on the 20th, thanks for passing the bylaw on the vacant buildings
many people were impressed with the event last Weds
I am very happy that the Treasurer/Collector was kept 

Pfeffer - where is the press? this is the first meeting? we have Sen Ross here? Where is the MIlford Daily News?
 - when can the Treasure go back before the people?
Nutting - no earlier than next year, it doesn't have to go back to the Legislature but there is a process

Pfeffer - let's not write the citizens off if they have the opportunity for an override next year

Whalen - if we had passed, it would be a lot smaller this time

Mason - thanks to my fellow councilors for their confidence in re-electing me to this position
the Wed event was thinking out of the box, we need to do more of it
regardless of the results of the election, we continue to what we need to, as long as the deficit is here, I will be asking the Council to put an override on the ballot

moving to Executive session, not to return
passed 9-0

P. EXECUTIVE SESSION – Negotiations, Litigation, Real Property, as May Be Required


Franklin, MA

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