Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In the News - Treasurer to remained elected, voice heard

"It was nice to see (the questions) on there, giving us the choice. In the case of treasurer, it's right to make it an appointed position," Tierney said.
Others were left feeling confused by the questions.
"I didn't really understand it," said Clare Flynn.
"I couldn't make heads or tails of it," said Merrell Mastin.
Read the article in the Milford Daily News:

In an election that embodied several local and statewide races, James Lacroix yesterday said it was Question 3 that lured him to the polls.
The Franklin resident said he voted to reduce the sales tax to 3 percent.
"We need to learn how to use the money more efficiently and do what we need to do instead of spending it wastefully," Lacroix said.
Read the article in the Milford Daily News

Franklin, MA


  1. The town questions were very poorly worded. The whole charter process was flawed by not electing a charter commission.

    Ken Norman

  2. The opportunity was there. With 63.8% turnout, the voter voices were heard. What did they say? I listen and hear of 1790 and 1069 people who passed up on their votes for these two questions. This on a day where only 70 passed on the vote for Governor. Why did so many pass on these questions? I think the answer runs the gamut; not sure, confusion, no interest, etc.