Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Live reporting - Senator Ross

Senator Richard Ross

There was a lot of change that took place in the election yesterday
The Scott Brown factor is alive and well, did pick up 16 seats in the House

Economic projections
Have a good relationship with the Governor
I recognize the piece that I think that is missing
Everybody needs to preserve their positions
The stimulus money was used to preserve public sector jobs
valid jobs but the funds could have been used for job creation

$2-2.5 billion budget deficit is coming
we have to face the hard facts with the couple of years coming down the pike

Did have an opportunity to participate in the Economic Development Summit last week
Well done, this is fascinating to see what you have taken advantage of

You should be acknowledged for supporting the service men, national guard and others for their service

When I have a community, I will treat it as a whole
Oliver Deans great grand nephew

BTW- I was impressed, in all my meeting experience, Sen Richard Ross is the first one who came, spoke and then stayed for the whole meeting.

Franklin, MA

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