Monday, November 1, 2010

Franklin, MA: Change to Winter Parking Ban proposed

The agenda and associated documents for the Town Council meeting on Nov 3.

Of interest is the proposed change to the winter parking ban. The ban would change from a set parking ban for 150 days, to one triggered by storms. The penalties for compliance would remain the same but folks could park overnight on the 100 or so winter nights that there isn't a storm.

Town Council 11/03/10 Agenda

Franklin, MA


  1. So did the town officially change the policy? I can't find the official update anywhere.

  2. You won't just yet. It is a bylaw change and requires two readings before taking a vote to approve or reject. The Council moved it to a second reading at the last meeting. I don't see it on the agenda for this meeting but that may have been an oversight. I'll check when I am at the meeting Weds evening.

  3. Thanks Steve. I appreciate the information.