Saturday, January 29, 2011

2 years of sharing comes to an end

As of yesterday, Chairman Dennis Crowley had not talked with anyone from the library but said he was "anxious to hear the board of trustees' point of view and rationale."
Crowley said the two-town agreement saved money and helped the library be flexible with its hours.
"I think, maybe not in the immediate future, but certainly in the extended future there's going to be regional libraries because individual towns cannot afford to sustain individual libraries within the budget constraints," he said.
Rowe said ending the agreement with Franklin will not force Medway's library to cut hours or put its accreditation in jeopardy.
Franklin Town Administrator Jeffrey Nutting said sharing services is "the wave of the future" and that the library agreement could have led to a long-term relationship between the two towns.
The real issue, he said, is whether the libraries are serving their patrons.

Read the remainder of the article about Medway ending their agreement to share Library Directors

I missed this article when it was originally posted on Thursday of this week. I caught up to it when looking to verify the spelling of the reporters name who attended the School Budget Workshop today

Franklin, MA

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