Friday, January 28, 2011

"a tough budget season for the town of Franklin"

Under Patrick's plan, local aid to Franklin would be cut by $228,753.
In fiscal 2011, the town's aid from the state was reduced by more than $1 million, according to state Department of Revenue figures.
Patrick's plan, unveiled this week, would cut the fiscal 2012 budget by $570 million. Aid to cities and towns would be reduced by $65 million, but Chapter 70 funding for public schools would rise by $140 million.
"It sounds like the governor wants to preserve school funding," Town Council Vice Chairman Stephen Whalen said. "If that helps us not have as big a deficit with the schools, then that's great."
School budgeting is always challenging because it involves special education and other costs that are difficult to control, Whalen said.
Read the full article in the Milford Daily News here

Additional information on the FY 2012 budget can be found here

Friendly reminder: the School budget workshop is Saturday, Jan 29th beginning at 8:30 AM in the Municipal Bldg, 3rd floor Training Room.

Franklin, MA

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