Saturday, January 29, 2011

Live reporting - School Budget Workshop

I won't list all the attendees, suffice to say all the School Committee, all the Central Office, and if not all the individual school principals, etc. are here. The 3rd floor training room is full.

At this time, I don't see anyone else from the 'public' here

Updated - Town Councilor, Glenn Jones, just arrived

Updated - Town Councilor, Tina Powderly and Julie Balise, Milford Daily News arrived

Meeting opens
Jeff Roy - The things that happen in this District could not happen without the tremendous efforts that you and your co-workers bring to the class room every day

Maureen Sabolinski - thanks to the School Committee for the food and refreshments, we normally don't eat this well. The partnership with the School Committee is a special relationship and a big help to us. We are a desirable place to work despite the budget challenges.

Jeff - "State of the District" - there are a lot of good things happening here in the District. The Town Council has appointed a Long Range Financial Planning Committee and hopefully they will be able to address the overall financial budget picture for Franklin. The School Building committee is working on the High School renovation project and that is on the road to actually happen.

Contracts are under negotiation and three have been settled thus far.
The Space Needs Subcommittee completed their comprehensive analysis of the district.
District bullying plan and policies are on track, we met the State deadlines despite some published reports that no one did anything.
There is a subcommittee doing work on nutrition and we'll be hearing more about that as we go.
More 42,000 views, about 1,000 per month to the School Committee blog.
The override buzz is already starting, be aware of it.
The budget hearing is going earlier than usual.
Center for American Progress report recognized Franklin among 21 districts in MA and about 9,000 across the US. We have been saying that we spend money wisely, finally we have some empirical data by an outside group to help us state that case. The data is based upon a couple of years ago so continuing that trend when we have lost 100 teachers since then is not something we can continue.
We are sending kids out into a world we were don't know what the jobs will look like 10 or 20 years down the road. We need to prepare them as best we can.
"The new normal" is a reality, doing more with less, stuff we have been doing for years.
There is a lot of anger out there, there is a lot of anger in our own community.
"A pay to spray" story of community in KY with a fire service fee, a house who had a fire but hadn't paid the fee was watched burn to the ground.
We have to maintain a commitment to our values and present a budget that reflects those values. Let's remember why we are in this business together.

Maureen - these numbers are preliminary

Miriam Goodman

Revenue sources
Required municipal contribution
Cherry sheet identity revenue to the Town
The Charter School money is taken off this
Chap 70 preliminary $26,857,636

Chap 70 accounts for about 54% of the budget

Federal revenue

  • Title I, Title II, IDEA, Title IV
  • Title I and IDEA are generally funding personnel (i.e. teachers)

Revolving Accounts

  • Circuit breaker
  • Lifelong learning
  • Food Service
  • Transportation
  • Athletics
  • Extracurricular

$52,487,573 total currently proposed, an increase of $2,612,573 or 5% (4.98%)
14.3 positions were funded via ARRA and not available at this time
Healthcare 12% increase
Contractual obligations $2,075,749 (mostly ARRA money no longer available)

FY 2009 Per Pupil - 10,010 vs State average of 13,006
If we had the State average funding, we would have a budget of $78M
Long listing of items that could be added back, we would be on the "good to great" road

Question from Tina Powderly to clarify the ARRA funds

Referring to the handout (full copy to be added later)

Discussion on summary of budget from this page (pictured)

The budget book tells the story of the district, a page on each school tells the story of each school. Lays out a vision for where we are going as a district, and how we spend our funds efficiently and effectively.

Taking ten minutes to formulate questions and continue

Part 2 of the budget workshop continues here

Franklin, MA

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