Sunday, January 30, 2011

Survey on priorities - lack of substantial results hinders progress

Survey results:

What one service would you discontinue?
I would like to see homeowners made responsible for shoveling their own sidewalks so that the students could walk to school. If a snowfall over a certain amount, then the town's sidewalk plows could be used to assist and supplement. Also, if the schools and library and other departments are cut a certain percentage, then so should the senior center. The senior center should not be exempt from cuts. I believe that all services provide benefits. Even though some services may be stretched thin, eliminating one might mean that, in the future, it would be difficult to put back. If something is truly obsolete, and I can't think of any service that is, it should be eliminated.
Some winter classes, to save heat costs. Is it possible to change the calendar year to go to school through June and take 1-2 additional weeks off in the winter?
Most people only use the "optional" services of police and fire and trash, most "mandated" services offered I don't need. You should put the list somewhere for reference in this survey, so people could see how many useless things there are. If schools are "mandated", why are they always the first cut?

What one service would you keep?
Obviously the schools and essential services such as police and fire.
AP classes. The gifted/talented get little to no service in elementary school, then maybe some attention at the middle school. AP in high school is their only hope of sharing challenging course work with like-minded students.
Police, Fire, Trash, roads, Health and Building inspectors. Schools, and there is a LOT that could be trimmed there.

The survey did not come close to achieving what was intended so it is back to the drawing board.

Franklin, MA


  1. Sorry Steve, I never got around to taking your survey. Thanks for running it.

  2. No problem, Michelle. You are helping in other very beneficial ways.

    This survey was a good learning experiment/experience.