Monday, January 31, 2011

Tale of two sidewalks (part 2)

It is good to see that downtown businesses can be taken care of. After all, business is at the heart of Franklin.

From what I hear, some folks would like the sidewalks around schools to be given a little more attention.

Parmenter School looked like this Friday morning:

To be fair, I need to go back to Parmenter to see what it looks like today. The downtown picture was taken Saturday afternoon. The DPW do a tremendous job. They have not added personnel since the 1990's and their amount of roads to cover has grown in that time. One of the two sidewalk snow plows dates back to 1970's. But it all costs money!

Franklin, MA

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  1. The school looks good enough: minimal ice, and the kids probably like it like that. :) The business area, by contrast, looks a bit more clear than it needs to be. The DPW has done a great job with this amazing snow.