Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sound in the Hall Records

They hope to sell 500,000 downloads in the month of February of Copathetic, an independent music album featuring Virginia singer/songwriter Kate Herndon and Jessi Fanuele, a Franklin High School history teacher who plays acoustic guitar.
The students are part of Sound in the Hall Records, a student-run record company launched five years ago to supplement music recording and performance classes at the high school. About 30 students participate in the group, which has recorded local bands and school concerts and broadcasts radio shows on the Internet.
If they are successful, they would earn a Gold record, awarded by the Recording Industry Association of America for albums that sell 500,000 copies, Peacock said, adding they would probably become the first independent record company to reach this goal.
"We'd be making history," Peacock said. "And, we'll be pioneering a new way of marketing an album."
Read the full article in the Milford Daily News here

You can visit Sound in the Hall records website here

Franklin, MA

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