Monday, February 28, 2011

Live reporting - Community Gardens Committee Meeting

About 16 folks here tonight to get the low down on the developments for the community gardens

Where is it?
King St Memorial Playground - most families may have found this spot already due to the variety of sports played here but for those who need help positioning it is off King St, just past Forest St and before you get to the Remington-Jefferson complex.

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44 plots for raised beds is the first goal
4 plots for the 'giving garden'
4 plots for community groups
the remainder for first come first served

How would the plots be allocated?
Ideally, they would be assigned via the Recreation Dept website program (assuming it can be set up).
Worse case, it would be done via some sort of lottery to ensure appropriate allocation

A layout has been designed to optimize space
some of the plots will be on smooth ground to enable wheel chair access

The Steering Committee has worked with Tri-County to get some logos developed
there is a meeting Weds to review the drafts and see which one would work for the group

There is a meeting with Jeff Nutting, Town Administrator, to review the plans thus far
and to hopefully confirm some of the direction and planning

What size are the plots?
The plots are planned to be
Ideally 2' deep to ensure good root growth, with alternative plans for 16" or 12" deep beds
One reason to use raised beds on King St is to avoid the ground itself which has been treated over time with pesticides, etc and would not be good for growing organic foods.

Targeting for Apr 22, Earth Day, for the build - coordinated with the Town's Earth Day

each plot would have a 4' by 10' bed using 2" untreated pine
Yes, the beds would have an early life time but this is too get us started at a reasonable cost.

What else is needed?
Looking for another member for the Board
looking for fund raising ideas
looking to leverage relationships with building materials, etc.

Franklin, MA


  1. Chris had to dash home after the meeting and pack for an early morning flight, so I didn't get a chance to get the meeting details from him. Thanks for posting this!