Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"increasing the fruit and vegetable choices"

Franklin's six elementary schools, as well as Remington Middle School and Horace Mann Middle School got salad bars. All three of Bellingham's elementary schools will have a new salad bar, and so will Uxbridge's Taft Elementary School. 
None of the salad bars are open to students just yet. 
"It is a good source of nutrition," said Franklin Food Service Director Clair Doyle. "We are hoping to get them operational by next week." 
The program is sponsored by the Whole Foods Market Foundation and chef Ann Cooper's Food Family Farming Foundation. The salad bars were paid for by Whole Foods customers who donated at local stores through a special school promotion as well as online donations.
Read more: Local kids to eat salad thanks to donations - Milford, MA - The Milford Daily News

Yes, I endorse this effort and thank the Whole Foods Market Foundation (and all the contributors) for this. We will live better when we eat better.

This effort ties in nicely with the Franklin Food Pantry, the Community Gardens, and other healthy programs.

Franklin, MA


  1. Just an FYI: Annie Sullivan and FHS didn't get left out.... they already had salad bars!