Saturday, March 5, 2011

Explore the real food challenge

There was a bit of discussion around real food vs school food on Facebook when I posted the news about the Whole Food Foundation providing salad bar equipment for schools in Franklin. The discussion is a valid one. There are no easy solutions especially on a budget and with government requirements to be met.

What is real food?
Author Michael Pollen has written a few books on different aspects of the topic. Jamie Oliver took the Food Revolution to Huntington, WV last year and TV had a 10 parts series to showcase the efforts. There is a growing collection of movies on this topic.

The Leake family in North Carolina took a challenge to eat real food for 100 days.

The family successfully completed their hundred days. The record of what they did and how they did it can be viewed on their website:

The offer a challenge to take a 10 day pledge. 100 days too much? Ease into the change.

Benefits of Taking the 10-Day Pledge

Upon completing your goal we predict you will gain the following:
  • first-hand, eye opening experience of how to identify the real food in our processed food world.
  • At least one improved health benefit such as having more energy, losing weight, improving regularity, or just feeling healthier overall.
  • The realization that some of those pre-packaged processed “food-like substances” don’t even taste that good compared to real food.
  • The opportunity to teach your children (if you have them), by example, the healthiest way to eat and enjoy the food mother nature has given us.
  • congratulatory letter and complimentary gift – a silicone wristband debossed with “10 Days of Real Food” which you can wear to make sure all of your friends know what you accomplished!
  • The ability to continue on with your life however you chose, but with the new knowledge of how and why to avoid processed foods. Hopefully your 10-day experience will convince you to consider making at least a few changes for life.

What can you eat following the 'real food' challenge?

What kinds of food would you have for the daily meals?

Franklin, MA


  1. Heeeey, nifty! Thanks for the links!

    This inflates my ego - the only real thing I would have to do to take the challenge would be to take the sugar out of my coffee. :D Which reminds me, maple syrup in coffee is quite tasty. . .

  2. Michelle

    I'll keep my maple syrup for my pancakes. :-) I already do my coffee straight and black. I did cut out all sodas to get rid of HFCS but trying to get rid of all of the high fructose corn syrup is real hard!