Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Proposed Agenda for April 12, 2011
Location: Franklin YMCA 45 Forge Hill Road
Start Time: 7:30PM

I. Call to Order / Introductions of New Attendees
A. Review & approve minutes of previous meeting
B. Make sure we have a volunteer to keep minutes of meeting

II. Report from Finance Committee
Report from Treasurer

III. Report from Grant Writing Committee
Meeting on March 31st and begin Strategic Plan
Proposed meeting on April 14th

C. We have an Eagle Scout lined up for proposed work in Forest
D. Need to Meet with EMC and Rockland Trust soon

IV. Earth Day Preparations for Beaver St. Location on April 16th
Tent, Table, Banner, Coffee, Brochures, sign up sheets, etc.
Get to Ron Clough list of volunteers

V. Report of April 23rd Road Race Committee
Discussion on progress to date and of Publicity
Agree on date and time to meet with M & M for final preps

VI. Report on Bellingham
Bellingham Lions – Ken
Politics and Fatman

VII. Unfinished Business:

VIII. New Business:

IX. Set Date & place for Next Meeting and Adjourn

Franklin, MA

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