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FM #92 - Week ending Apr 10, 2011

Let's spend a few minutes reviewing what matters in Franklin, MA as the week comes to a close April 10th.

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This internet radio show or podcast is number 92 in the series for Franklin Matters.

We'll look back at the week that was as it comes to a close Sunday Apr 10 before getting to the outlook on the week ahead.

As we mentioned last week, the Finance Committee was scheduled to meet on Tuesday. With the budget book not scheduled to be ready until the end of April, the meeting was canceled. The FINCOM budget hearings have been scheduled for May 2, 3, 5, 9 and 10. The calendar on Franklin Matters has been updated accordingly.

The Milford Daily News ran an article on this updated schedule and in the article stated:
Town Council Chairman Scott Mason said the budget deficit probably will not be as bad as the $4 million to $6 million councilors predicted last year. He said he does not expect the council to seek an override this year.

So be it.

The Town Council met this week and spent time on the public hearing for the Nu-Style building which is getting closer to demolition and clean up than ever before. Several of the councilors created great sound bites on how long it is taken to do this. Jeff Nutting has the best comment in response:

My notes showed he said something like
”We have been trying to take care of the environment and minimize the Franklin tax dollars in the process.“
The good news from the Council meeting was their action to create a “Community Gardens Committee.” Five members were appointed all from the group that has been working on this for the past several months. This is a great step forward. The King St Memorial Fields will be the site for about 40 raised bed gardens to be set up in May. You can follow the events on the website

My full set of notes from the Council meeting can be found here

As for town meetings this week

The School Committee is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, Apr 12. As we record this on Sunday, the agenda has not yet been posted.

The Long Range Financial Planning Committee is scheduled to meet on Weds. They are likely to pick up the discussion on the questions that they drafted as ones to be answered.

Earth Day comes Saturday. The DPW will set up at Beaver Pond to coordinate the clean up efforts of as many want to volunteer.

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I hope you enjoy!

Franklin, MA

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