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STAR Plus -- Just for Middle School Students


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Middle school is the domain of students in grades 6, 7 & 8. STAR Plus, our middle school summer program, has been designed specifically for these students. Directed by Ms. Orfalea and Ms. Leazott, STAR Plus offers four, 1-week sessions with a variety of themes and activities focused on the interests of middle school students.

Each week students enroll in 2 early morning classes and 1 longer mid-morning class. Students choose 2 themes from the following:
Visual Arts, Cooking and Design - Potential activities include Cooking, Drawing & painting, recycled art, screen printing, T-shirt design.

Computer Lab, Games, Science & Technology - Potential activities include Photoshop. Internet games, Movie making, Experimental fun and games, games, games.

Music, Performing Arts - Potential activities include Creating music, Introduction to guitar, Music history, Play production, Musical production and Dance.

Sports, Recreation, and Fitness - Potential activities include Fall sports, Winter sports, Spring sports, Team and individual games, Fitness challenges, and Sports history.

For the longer, mid-morning class, the students select their favorite theme from among the following themes:
Performing Arts - Theatre- Students will write, rehearse & perform a musical or play or Dance Students will learn a variety of dance techniques.

Science & technology/Outdoor Fitness
Experimental Fun - Students will use their senses to experiment with a variety of materials.
Outdoor Fitness - Students will explore a variety of outdoor fitness activities.

Sports & Recreation
Sports - Students will play a variety of fall, winter & summer sports
Recreation - Students will play a variety of team and individual games; exercises & athletic activities will be explored.

Visual Art
Painting - Students will use watercolors or acrylics to paint still-life, landscapes and figures.
Recycled Art - Students will use a variety of recycled materials to form sculptures
Clay/Pottery - Students will use many types of materials: clay, model magic & modeling clay to sculpt pieces of art.

Register: select Summer Program from middle of page, select STAR Plus
Questions: or 508-553-4814


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