Monday, November 14, 2011

BIG Y under construction

The former Franklin Buffet is coming down to make way for the Big Y.

Franklin, MA: BIG Y construction underway

The restaurant operated under several names as ownership changed over the years. What were other names?

Florentina's had moved from downtown to operate there for sometime before closing. What was there before?


  1. For many years, Welik's restaurant was situated in the location that is being prepared for the Big Y. Weliks' was a very popular family owned restaurant, with a wait of over an hour on weekends.

  2. I heard from my wife that they have fantastic fried clams. She went there as a kid.

  3. Weliks, Club Cadillac, Claire's seafood (very briefly), and Florentina's (also very briefly).. Welik's closed when I was a kid and Club Cadillac was there maybe 5-6 years. I can't believe they're sticking a Big Y right across from a Shaw's...because the traffic on that street isn't nightmarish enough as it is :(

  4. Thanks, this is good info. I recall going to Florentina's and sitting in a spot where in the picture above, we would have been half in and half out of the building.