Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Live reporting - Action items



1. Resolution 11-58: Appropriation: Library – Prior Year- Salaries
motion to approve, passed 9-0

2. Resolution 11-59: Appropriation: Recreation – Prior Year- Salaries
motion to waive reading, passed
motion to approve, passed 9-0

3. Resolution 11-60: Appropriation: OPEB Actuary Study
motion to approve, passed 9-0

to approve transfer from 'free cash', need to do this study every 2 years

4. Resolution 11-61: Appropriation: Nustyle Demolition
motion to approve, passed 9-0

checking on bids received, amount now 205,000 (was 160,000 at FinCom 10/11/11)
timeline for demolition, assuming contract award, 90 days after signed, possible late this spring

5. Resolution 11-62: Appropriation: Roads/Sidewalks/Drainage/Storm Water/Infrastructure
motion to approve, passed 9-0

from 'free cash', there is a huge backlog of roadwork here, if we vote this now, they can start planning for spring and summer work

Q - what will you do with this?
Nutting - some for drainage, some for roads, and design work. This won't do half of a single road.

Q - Are you open to suggest streets?
Nutting - I always listen to suggestions. You're on the list for 2014

I'll update the Council with the newest listing of road status. They update it during the winter. Pleasant St was 9 million alone

The State does between 150-200million for road work, we usually get 600-700,000
Roads have a useful life like everything else.

The critical streets alone were 15 million. We'll do crackseal, chip seal. Folks don't like it but it gets another 5-8 years out of road. Full depth reconstruction is what is incredibly expensive.

Item on the governors desk to allow for easier acceptance of subdivision roads

We did have a line item on the last override that would have funded a million a year and it was not passed. Again, folks are not willing to pay for what we need.

6. Resolution 11-63: Amendment of the FY 2012 Budget 
17,000 for additional planning board part time staff, doesn't change bottom line of the budget overall
Fire positions are based upon an analysis of the staffing by Chief McCarragher (copy of memo in full document set from town website) - the 85,000  should add positions to operate the remainder of the fiscal year.

There is additional new growth not identified earlier.

Mason - this money is not coming out of the Stabilization Account.
Nutting - any movement out of the Stabilization Account requires a 2/3 vote.

Powderly - I don't understand this way versus other times when we have made adjustments
Nutting - a lot of those are after the tax rate has been set. This is more inline with accounting perspective with the tax rate not set. In Feb if we need money for something, it won't look like this.

Pfeffer - Am I reading this correctly?
Nutting - there is known ovetime, and unknown (injuries, storms, etc.) Last year the fire dept lived on a grant of $135,000 that has expired. This year we cut a position and cut overtime. This is adding some of the OT back.

Pfeffer - I am not looking at changing this year, I am looking at long term

Pfeffer - are you going to be able to fill both ambulances
McCarragher - yes, it will we'll put the second ambulance back on and it will help us address response time for onsite.

McCarragher - last year we spent about 40-65,000 on OT for sick time. We are managing it. 

Vallee - it is not being abused?
McCarragher - no, we are working it the folks are good. On the job injuries are more costly than sick time. We have an aging workforce and we are starting to see an increase in our line of duty injuries.

7. Bylaw Amendment 11-665:Amendment to Chapter 82, Appendix A – List of Service Fee Rates 2nd Reading
Motion to pass, via roll call passed 9-0

allows fees for inspections, based upon the size of the project

McGann - an increase in planning board fees?
Nutting - a new fee, not an increase the developer will bear the cost.

McGann - What is the work force doing?
Nutting - We eliminated the position last spring

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