Thursday, November 3, 2011

"did not officially discuss or take action"

"This will allow us to staff a position that was eliminated last year," Fire Chief Gary McCarraher said. 
The town employs 44 firefighters, but, because of budget cuts, just nine - rather than the 10 needed - can been used at any one time. The department has been fully staffing only the station in the center of town, leading to increased response time for emergencies, McCarraher said. 
The money approved last night will go toward paying current firefighters to work more hours. The $85,000 comes from new growth, or extra tax revenue, councilors said. 
The budget amendment also included $8,000 for the Planning Board and $9,000 for the Board of Health, which would allow each to hire two temporary clerks working 16 hours per week.

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The full set of my notes from the Town Council meeting can be found here

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