Friday, November 4, 2011

Quick favor to ask, need your help with a vote for our causes, only 4 days left!

Hi my friends and colleagues,

We've been invited to a Boston- based PR event called Mass Innovation Nights, which represents a great opportunity to spread the word about the Confidence Beads and for our causes.

Only (4) participants will have the chance to "pitch" their product, and it is based on votes.

If you haven't already, please go to, select the "VOTE" button and then Confidence Beads.

There are some pretty cool products there as well to check out, which you might enjoy learning about!

Please feel free to share this out to your networks on FB, Twitter or LinkedIn as well, THANK SO MUCH!!

PS, We can also vote from smartphones J

Linda Waters
Back to Business LLC
office: 508-520-4100


Note: I have known Linda Waters for a couple of years. She has graciously assisted with Job Search Jam Sessions by delivering an excellent session for 2 of our events. Her Confidence Beads help raise money for important causes. She recently worked with the Bruins Foundation to create "Believe" which raises money for the Foundation to meet its mission “enhancing the quality of life for children in our community.”

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